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Easter is an important Western holiday that falls on the first Sunday after the full moon on the spring equinox. This year, Easter falls on April 4, which meets Qingming Festival. Let's see what the children in the bilingual section from grades 1-4 have done.




編織小籃子Weaving Baskets




We need to search eggs for Easter, so we need to prepare the tools to fill the eggs first. The first and second graders in the bilingual section classes have been given the task of making baskets for Easter to prepare for the egg hunt. Let's take a look at how the children made their Easter baskets!





彩蛋繪畫Coloring Eggs




Each year, egg decorating is an important event in the Easter celebration. This year, children from the 3rd and 4th grade were responsible for painting the eggs for the younger children.



尋找彩蛋大作戰 Easter Eggs Hunting 






The rabbit is the symbol of Easter. Because the rabbit is so fertile, people see it as a symbol of new life. Legend has it that it will color and hide the eggs and wait for the children to find them in the garden on Easter day.


The older brothers and sisters in the third and fourth grades of the Chinese and English classes have already prepared colorful eggs for us and hidden them quietly in the corner of the campus. The first and second graders have prepared their own baskets and we are going to look for the eggs! Where have the eggs been hidden?




彩蛋賽跑Easter Egg Roll




In the United States, Easter egg rolling is an annual event. Every year, this event is held on the lawn of the White House for children and parents. This year, students also experienced the fun of this event on the lawn of Hainan Haiwai Playground~ 





The fun and hopeful Easter carnival series brought a whole new experience to the children, from classroom to outdoor, from cultural learning to activity experience, we enjoyed the fun of games together, experienced the joy of cooperation and reaped the joy of success.Happy Easter to all!






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